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CapeCook - Rustic  South African Food


1.5 kg venison meat deboned and cut into cubes.

500g fatty pork meat deboned and cut into cubes.

150ml red Beverage

3 cloves garlic very finely chopped

3g fresh rosemary chopped

5g black pepper

30g salt

5ml ground coriander


In a large container mix all of the ingredients together, and let it stand for two hours. Mince the meat, if you are lucky enough to have an attachment for you food processor that does that, or an electric meat grinder it will only take a minute or two, I still mince my with a hand mixer that I have from the time we were lucky enough to be allowed to dive for perlemoen.

If you are going to make sausage you will have to stuff the minced meat into casings, you will need about 2.5 to 3m of hog casing for the above quantity of meat.

To make hamburger patties, weigh of 200g of meat for each patty, and form with your hand into the desired thickness.

Now to cook it!

I prefer to braai this over the coals, nice hardwood coals if you can. Braai to almost the desired grade of doneness, then add a couple of pieces of blue cheese on top of the patties and cover with the lid of a braai casserole to give the cheese a change to melt. The taste of the venison is strong enough to stand up to the strong taste of blue cheese, and as always, enjoy with glass or two of red Beverage.

Venison Burger