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More than once I have heard from people that grew up in the Karoo that they use to put the sheep tails with wool and all in the fire, apparently when the wool have burned away, then the tails are done as well. Now I have not grew up in the Karoo, but I can’t imagine that one will enjoy sitting around a fire with the smell of burning sheep’s wool, and secondly, unless wool burns a lot slower that what I can imagine, that tails will be pretty tough. My suggestion is that you get yourself some sheep tails with the wool already removed, and then you do as follows.

Cook the tails in salted water with a few drops of Worchestire sauce and black pepper until soft. On nice warm coals braai the tails until the fat is nice and crispy, remove and eat immediately, because they are far too good to wait before enjoying them.

Crispy Sheep Tails