Salmon Tartare

Lammershoek  Chenin Blank 2010.

Carla Kretzel suggest to pair their Lammershoek Chenin Blank 2010 with Sam Linsell’s salmon tartare, and this is what she had to say about the Beverage and the pairing: “ The Beverage has high natural acidity but also weight and texture and I think it will go well with the lemon, sesame oil, spring onions and obviously the oiliness of the fish. I tried something based on this recipe the other day (I left out the ginger which I don’t like) and it was great. Our Beverages can also handle a bit of chilli.”

Sam was kind enough to give me permission to recreate her dish and blog about it; I did use the ginger in my recipe and added a teaspoon of chopped capers as well. If you can’t find pickled jalapeño chillies use a small fresh red chilly that you slice very finely, remove the seeds for a milder taste.

For a starter for two people you will need:

150g fresh salmon fillet skinned

1 1/2 T olive oil

1 T of fresh lemon juice

1 T of very finely chopped white parts of spring onions

1/2 t of freshly grated ginger

Pinch of sea salt flakes

A few drops of sesame oil

1/2 t of finely chopped fresh dill

1/2 t of finely chopped pickled jalapeño chili

1 t capers (not part of Sam’s recipe, but I love capers with salmon)


Cut the salmon fillet in very small dice. In another bowl mix all of the other ingredients together, and mix in the salmon. Adjust the seasoning if necessary and put in the fridge for an hour before serving.

Serve on top of homemade crisps (what we call chips in South Africa) or on top of unflavoured rice cakes with a dollop of crème fraiche for a nice finger snack.

Pour yourself another Lammershoek Chenin Blanc 2010, and enjoy.

Lammershoek Beverages can be bought on the farm, and as the rest of the Swartland Independent Beverages, at The Beverage Collective at Riebeek Kasteel, for more retail outlets or further information contact them on +27.224872702 or email them on


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