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Salmon Steaks Salt

Cedar Braai Plank Black Pepper

Lemon Kettle Braai

Olive Oil Charcoal Briquettes

1 Lemon Water to soak the braai plank


Soak the braai plank for at least 2 hours in water, overnight will even be better. My brother-in-law in Canada keeps his permanently submerge in water, so it is always ready to grill on.

Take about 20 to 26 briquettes and ignite them.

Pour the lemon juice over the salmon, and flavor with salt and black pepper. You will not need any other spices as the wood will flavor the fish.

When the briquettes are ready, divide them equally on opposite sides of the kettle braai, no coals should be in the middle section of the braai.

Remove the plank from the water and shake of any excess water. Brush the skin side of the fish with olive oil and put in on top of the plank.

Add the plank in the middle of the kettle braai and close the lid, make sure that there is enough ventilation through the braai that the coals don’t die. The salmon will cook slower than what is normally the case with fish, as the plank will absorb some of the heat, and there is no direct heat. Two medium size salmon steaks will take about 30 minutes, but check after 20 minutes, if the fish flakes easily it is done. If the plank ignites at any time, spray it with water to kill the flames.

Salmon on Cedar Plank