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Santa Cecilia

I am suggesting the following recipe with our Santa Cecilia 1 (75% Chenin Blanc, 12,5% Grenache Blanc, 12,5 % Rousanne,  2011 natural barrel fermentation)


The dish is a broth/stew that I encountered in Chile. Although it is called a paella mare,  the dish is not a paella, but I am not going to argue with a Mapuche. Changed it slightly to reflect what we can get locally. (This includes the Hungarian paprika as we have a Hungarian in Riebeek Kasteel that gave me the best paprika ever)


1) Live Mussels (a big pot full)

2) White whole Fish, prawns, butter, fennel, celery, little bit of onion, Hungarian paprika and whatever else you want in a good fish stock.

3) Tuna or salmon  (will be fried separately)  (Salmon will give the dish international flavour and food miles)

4) Prawns, but preferably crayfish tails. (Prawns are for Sauvignon Blanc drinkers)

5) Calamari rings (We all actually like them)

6) Chorizo - preferably our own Santa Cecilia Chorizo made from wild pigs, culled on Kasteelberg, but the imported ones from Spain and Portugal can suffice if you do not shop in Riebeek Kasteel.

7) Whole wheat (The Swartland keeps the country regular)


a) Cook mussels for 10 min in lightly salted water, skim foam off. Drain, but keep the water as base for the stock. Drink Santa Cecilia 1


b) Fry  the white fish in butter, same for a few prawns and then add the obvious to the drained water of "a". Do what you must do to make good fish stock with garlic, fennel and peri-peri , but also add a bit of white pepper.  Put chorizo in (Whole,...traditionally the chorizo is not included when dished) . Cook for about 20 min and strain the solids out and add a little bit of ginger. (will make the pairing connection). Put the chorizo back into the stock for good luck. Keep the stock and discard the rest. Drink Santa Cecilia 1. Keep the stock hot.


c)You should have started cooking the whole wheat a long time ago. Drink Santa Cecilia 1. Timing is important as the wheat must be ready with the rest of the ingredients and not after, or it will fail to impress.  Drink soda if you have to wait.


d) When the wheat is about to be ready, fry the  calamari in garlic (just a very hot flash) and put aside. Drink Santa Cecilia 1. Cook crayfish tails. Drink Santa Cecilia 1.  Fry the salmon/tuna lightly and drink Santa Cecilia 1. Use common sense and not to much salt.


e) Dish in large soup bowl with the wheat like a Braam Kruger island in the middle. Stock is the ocean around the island.  Pour olive oil onto the ocean and sprinkle peri peri over the oil droplets. Fill the ocean with mussels, fish and crayfish/prawns and fennel. Garnish with dania. Make sure everything is piping hot. Serve with Santa Cecilia 1. Tell your guests that they cannot eat the R350/kg chorizo.



The next best thing to a Santa Cecilia, is another Santa Cecilia....

Recipe by Anton Espost - I will place photos of this as soon as I have cooked it. Hopefully shortly.