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This is Billy Hughes’s South African adaptation of the Argentine Locro.

He say it has metamorphosed somehow and continues to do so depending of what is around to throw in the pot.

The man himself use a Bestduty Pot No 12 – The flat type, but any other Potjiewill do.


Warm the pot with a touch of Olive Oil and braise pieces of Shin or other beef stewing meat – Marrow bones are very welcome – I salt the meat about an hour before I put it in – I do not know why, but like with fish, it works..

Add a chopped Onion or two – Medium size.

When the meet is braised and sealed (about 10’after you started) , add a whole bag of White Corn Grains – 1kg , followed by full cream Milk – Enough milk to sit below the surface of the corn – Not too much Milk, you can add more later to top up, because there will be juices coming out of the rest of the ingredients – It would normally use less than 1lts of Milk throughout the process.

Let it simmer very gently. No hurry.

At about 1hr into the venture, stir it a bit to get the meat off the bottom, add some Peas ( ½ cup) , ½ a green Pepper chopped, touch of Chilli/ Paprika to make it slightly zingy . Not hot – this is not a hot dish at all!

Check if you need to top up with milk now and then. Check for salt.

If you can start 4 hs before you serve, it would be nice – Next day is also very good.

Serve it in bowls rather than plates.

Locro - Nativo Beverages

Nativo White 2011 and Nativo red 2009

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