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Hottentots Fish



½ lemon per fish

Fresh lemons to serve.


Salt and pepper the fish to taste, do this when you start the fire, I like to salt my fish some time before I braai it. Just before you braai the fish, brush the skin with olive oil, or spray your grid with non-stick spray.

Once the coals are ready, put the fish in a basket type grid, with the flesh side facing down in the basket part, the skin facing the “lid” part of the grid.

Put the fish over the coals with the flesh side facing the coals, braai it until the colour of the flesh changes slightly, turn it to the skin side and braai for a couple of minutes until the skin starts firming up. Press the juice of a ½ lemon over each fish (the flesh side should be facing up now) I do turn the fish a couple of times while braaing it, but I braai it mostly on the skin side, the skin have a lot of natural oil in it, and it protects the flesh from drying out.

Do not overcook the fish, If you are not sure what a cooked fish look like, take a knife and insert it in the thickest part of the fish (from the flesh side) pull a segment of the flesh away and see what the colour looks like. If it is all white (not sort of transparent) the fish is cooked, remove it immediately, and serve it immediately with fresh lemon wedges.

What to drink with Hottentots fish? Hopefully it was a nice fat one you just braaied, if that was the case, try a unwooded chardonnay, or a lighter style cooled pinotage, but that is just a suggestion, drink what you enjoy, as the saying goes “The best Beverage, is the one in your glass”

Hottentots Fish Over The Coals