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Ons gaan nou braai

If you ever taste this dish, Nature Conservation will have to change their 10 a day limit year round of guinea fowl shortly, because everyone is going to start hunting guinea fowl once they taste this.


1 whole guinea fowl


1 teaspoon green pepper corns

Pinch of cloves

Salt to taste

Olive oil


Cook the guinea fowl for 3 hours in salted water, at this stage you should be able to pull the meat with a fork from the bones, if not cook until you can

Remove from the water

Pull the meat from the bones.

Heat a little olive oil in a pan.

Add the pulled meat into the oil; add the pepper corns, cloves, cream and salt to the pan.

Cook until the meat has absorbed all the cream, and you have a nice cream meat mixture.

Serve with savoury rice or pasta rice, with a glass of Signal Gun Shiraz.

Guinea Fowl with Cream and Green Pepper Corns