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The pigs used by the farmer today are descendants of the wild pig (Sus scrofa). It is however uncertain how the first pigs arrived in South Africa.

The Kolbroek pig a very popular South African breed is believed by some to be brought to South Africa by Portuguese traders in the 15th century.

Kolbroek pigs are very short with pricked ears and a squashed face. The breed is dark coloured being either black or brown and are often striped at birth. Some believe that these stripes may have been the origin of the name Kolbroek (breech markings).

The Coalbrook, one of the Dutch East India company ships was wrecked near Hangklip on the Cape Coast in 1778, it is believed that the pigs on the ship fell into the hand of the farmers that settled in the area, and the name was derived from the ship.

These pigs do resemble a breed of pig common in China, the origin of both the pigs and their name is therefore in dispute.

The most popular braai cuts are the loin, rib,neck and belly


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